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Well I decided to take a class to learn how to knit lace so I signed up at my local yarn shop. While the first week went fine, we were doing until my instructor noticed that I twist my purl stitches, It explained why some of the stitches in my shawl weren't looking right. We figured that if while doing SSk I slipped the stiches purlwise instead of knitwise it would correct things and it did. I got curious when I got home so went to knittinghelp.com and discovered that it is called the combined purl method - I was actually going online to see how I could change the way I purled (I knit continental). Now I understand why I am able to knit so quickly in both the knit and purl lines because of the way the stitches line up. Given that the finished pieces I do look great, I don' think I am going to change. Does anyone else knit in the way?



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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog The bag that I am working on is being knitted on the twisted way. Welcome to the Dark Side lol! I sometimes like to knit on the back loop, it is easier on my hands. The only drawback I see is that it is tighter and it looks different. So you need to take that into consideration when youare working on a project. If you are designing your own stuff It really does not matter in my opinion! Consistency and understanding what you are doing makes a big difference!

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Dan..........go back a day or two (page or two) and you will find a posting from Stuart about the second scarf exchange!

I ran into this same thing when I first started knitting, the instructor in a class I was taking called it the "lazy mans" purl...lol
The only problem I notice was that my sts. looked bias ( all shifting on an angle) So I corrected my purl technique. Years later I discovered I was doing half of what is called combination knitting, only I was not knitting through the back of the loop for K sts. I agree with Andy, do what works for you as long as you know what the differences are and how it will affect the gauge and drape.

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I'm a twisted knitter too, oh wait you mean the actual knitting part. Nevermind.

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Well most of the comments about my being a combination knitter were possitive but I did have one provate message that stopped me in my tracks. It told me basically I should learn to knot "properly". Now as a perfectionist it actually stopped me from knitting, how could I do it if I was not doing it "properly". My instructor and I perservered on my shawl project and I have to admit, it is looking pretty good not, not perfect but I am learning to live with that. I mentioned to my teacher that perhaps I would take a beginners class in knitting English and she basically said, "Why?" She felt the way I knit is fine and seeing almost all my projects, I did wear almost all the sweaters I have knit, there is no appreciable difference in the way my garments turn out than anyone else's. There turned out to be nothing I needed to change - an trust me she is more perfectionistic tha me. We recently did Kitchener and it turned out like anyone else's would. For anyone who might be skeptical check out knittinghelp.com - they have a demonstration on combination knitting. If you feel everyone should knit like you.....get your head out of your ass. Diversity is what makes this a wonderful world to be in. I'm perfect just the way I am.