My 3rd First Attempt

Well, this is My 3rd attempt at knitting socks. Well in this case one sock - a Christmas Stocking for my niece that went to East Carolina University. My first attempt was with DPNs. Big mistake for me as I quickly found out that DPNs and I do not get along. My 2nd attempt was toe-up with 2 circulars. Much, much better, until I got to the heel. I could not figure the heel pattern out, so I kinda fudged it. Bad Idea. However, I did figure out my mistake with my "fudge factor" so on to attempt 3. (I still don't understand the heel pattern, but I'll work on that later.) The 3rd attempt was not quite the charm, but I'm happy with it. This sock stuff would go a whole lot easier if I would just stop being so stubborn and take a class!


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Courage...It gets better

dpns are an acquired taste. The first time I used them (and the second and the third) it felt and looked like I was knitting with mousetraps on my hands. But it does get a lot better and even really, really enjoyable. actually addictive :-) I have never knit toe up, but top down, after the first episodes of screaming and throwing teh socks and dpns, the patterns actually make good sense. Good luck on the next pair!

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Hey Richard,
If you don't mind it not being a stocking, I found a pattern for a stocking hat at I'm working on them right now using two circular needles. I think they are really neat looking. I'm making some for family members.


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Guys ... what are dpns needles?

I'm going to attempt socks some time soon ... or should I say as soon as I finish this jumper I am on... just got the sleeves to go... but then again I've already unravelled the first sleeve once already...

It is coming in to winter here in Turkey so I am going to need a good pair of handknitted socks... I'd better get cracking on the jumper then :)
Istanbul, Turkey


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double-pointed needles. They are used for circular knitting as in sock knitting. They come in varying lengths and the trick is not to have so much length that you are constantly needing to shuffle stiches around, and not so little that you loose stitches off the other end. When starting out with dpns, I found that it was easier to work with the less slippery bamboo needles, though after some practice I was happier with the speed of metal needles. I hope that this helps.

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I am totally addicted to DPN's and if any project I'm working on will fit onto them, then that is what I use. I am also addicted to knitting socks....toe up or top down...and I've done almost every heel technique I've read about,. If I do a toe-up sock I do a short- row heel, instead of a French heel Don't give may feel awkward working with DPN's for a while, but you'll get the feel of it.