Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair

Last weekend I went, for the first time, to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair near Asheville, NC.  As I am a new knitter I did not think I would be there long, maybe a couple hours max partly due to the fact my partner was coming with and he is not a knitter.  Long story short we were there about 4 hours the first day and 3 hours the next day.  There were fiber vendors from all over and there were a number of classes that were offered too.  First off there was an amazing array of ready to knit fiber as well as unspun fiber.  They had alpaca, llama, sheep, and angora rabbits there as well, the animals as well as their fiber.  Probably the coolest part was watching the animal to loom demonstration.  They should all the steps on how the fiber makes it to the loom.  I had been interested in spinning myself and while there learned the basics of using a drop spindle.  Surprisingly, my partner showed quite an interest in weaving! I think because it involves machinery and is more technical at least in set up (IMO) he was more interested.  Check out the site , did not know how to make a link.  I have already spun my first 4oz of wool and will be working toward making it knittable.  Yesterday I bought a pound of wool to spin once I get my spindle clear.  Will be working to finish my 3rd scarf by Thanksgiving as it is for a friend who is coming to visit....cashemere, so soft!!

Enough rambling.......have a good one!! 


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Wow, that sounds amazing......I have had a desire to check into the spinning side of things myself. I will check out the site! Is spinning hard? I love the concept of working with something from its origination all the way through to a wearable piece of art. Let me know if there is anything I should be checking out that may guide me in the right direction.

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I've been shopping for a drop spindle, too!  Gabriel, you might want to check out .  They are here in San Francisco, but the also have a great website and catalog and they are really helpful.

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Spinning is not hard but like acquiring any new skill it is frustrating at first.  I think it was easier to learn than knitting though.  FYI, i spun 4 oz and got 50 yds out of it.  The yarn is thick but until you learn how to spin finer yarn the fiber won't go quite as far.  Also, I used a top whorl spindle that weighs 1 1/4oz.  From what I read lighter weight spindles are for silk&cashemere and whatnot, and heavier ones for wool, alpaca.  Spindles do have a "feel" to them and I actually tried a couple different weights and sized whorls before choosing mine, also mine is handmade of nice wood so it's is pretty too :-)  Pretty counts!!  Hope this helps.