Hi all,

I've been lurking for a while and enjoying the advice and chat. Figured it was time to speak up and say hello.

I tend to knit in fits and starts. I'm gung-ho now with a couple projects on the needles. With luck I'll finish at least one before I get busy and have to set it all aside for awhile (often months at a time).

If I attach it correctly, here's a sweater I finished a couple months back. Long story, but it eventually took me 2.5 years from start to finish, between busy periods, starting over twice, bad math, ripping out parts and re-knitting, etc. My current sweater is going much more smoothly. ;)


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Welcome to MWK! Beautiful sweater, the fit looks perfect. Looking forward to seeing your next one.



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Hi Bkeith! I really like how you did the cabling, but especially on the sleeve, near the bottom. I also like the look of ribbing...timeless. I know how you feel about having to put down your knitting and pick back up. I'm fairly slow to finish things too.

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Great job. I need to do a sweater and I like how that one looks. Kewl on the birthday cakes. Will we ever see you on foodtv?

Robert in OKC

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I've actually been on Food TV. I competed in the wedding cake challenge at the 2005 Oklahoma Sugar Art Show. Got lots of camera time too. They re-air it from time to time -- I usually know because my phone starts ringing off the hook. ;)

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note to self. set the TIVO.


MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Here's a link to the entry I did:

Scroll to the right. Mine is black with birds on it. The theme was "wedding cake couture" -- we had to use a bridal gown as inspiration for the cake. I chose a black embroidered kimono and did a whole Japanese theme for the cake and table decorations.

Took 6th place, FWIW.

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Wow! That's a really beautiful cake, you should be really proud. Curious, what do they do with all the cakes after the competition?



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Most of the entries are iced styrofoam. Most folks take them home to their shops and display them. I have very little room to store stuff like that, so after a while, I just stick them in the dishwasher to get all the icing off, then re-use the styrofoam forms for another display.

That cake represented about 200 hours of work over the course of a couple months. If it had been real cake, you wouldn't have wanted to eat it. ;)

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Beautiful sweater- texture rings my bell these days. Knit when the spirit moves you.

Veni, vidi, kniti.

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Very smart looking sweater. Do you have any close up photos of it? Would love to see more of the details.

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Looks like I can't add images to a reply here, so I've uploaded a better photo to the sweater section of the photo gallery. Thanks for asking!

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I love the pattern. Did you make the pattern, or where did you find it?


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Found the pattern in a European peridocal called "Filati". It quickly got redubbed "yarn porn" around here -- I made no bones about the fact that I bought it mostly becase of the cover model. I changed it from the original pattern -- not only was it done on needles larger than I wanted to use, but the cable was different. Instead of the repeated pattern, it occurred only once mid-chest. And there was a different cable just above the waistband. That one looked a bit like a downward-pointing arrow, so this pattern has been nicknamed the "here's my junk" sweater. ;)

The math problems I had were due to the needle size conversion, the metric-to-inches conversion, and the fact that I decided this would be my first in-the-round sweater. Somehow I messed up in all those conversions, and the first try was making a sweater that would have fit two people together. ;)