men who knit a river

I got a MWK button badge, woo hoo!

I've attatched a picture of the first blue square to arrive from the MWK team. Thanks to John in San Francisco for this one.

Thanks also to everyone there who has embraced the Knit A River project, we're really excited and encouraged by your efforts....

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Hey Gerard, I guess this would be a great time to mention that I got the okay to apply for the grant from my employer!  So, guys, keep track of how much time you spend knitting squares for Knit A River.  The grant amount will be based on the total number of volunteer hours.  Have fun with this.  Tell your friends.  Teach someone to knit a blue square and count both your hours!  Here's a link back to the posting where you can sign up and log your hours:

(Thanks for the kudos, Gerard!  Glad to know you got the package)