Hello Everyone!

I've just finished my second project, a hat that was supposed to fit my partner but ended up fitting my daughter.
I'm Happy to be here and am looking forward to posting some pics soon.


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Welcome to MWK, I'm sure you'll find it a supportive, informative and entertaining group.

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Congrats Noah

One thing i might suggest at this point is that you go for it and actually knit your gauge swatch before beginning a project. Sounds like you might knit tight and need to adjust you needle size.
Good luck

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Welcome, looking forward to seeing pics soon. I agree that while taking the time to make a swatch can seem tedious, it will save time in the end by knowing how many stitches you are actually knitting. Swatching was something I hated doing at first and it eventually became part of my routine. Good luck!

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Welcome to MWK, looking forward to hearing/seeing more from you.



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Welcome to MWK! I have problems with things being too big even when I do a swatch. The more I knit the better I get at figuring these things out. Gosh, at least the hat fit someone.