Simple, Yet Effective Design

So simple is good I suppose - simple designs knit quickly, are great for last minute gifts, and don't require an extraordinary amount of time or focus. But, what about simple patterns makes them attract so much attention?

Attached is a scarf I'm making for a friend in the MidWest, and I keep getting comment after comment on how it's the best one I've ever made - but technically speaking, it's very very simple. Should I take it as a compliment, or be upset that people don't seem to be impressed with things that have taken more effort?

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it's simple - but it is striking. I have a friend who is a fire-dancer. I've learned a lot about it from her; and I was watching someone else perform a fire dance - and he was complaining that the harder stuff he was doing wasn't appreciated. the problem was that the harder techniques just didn't look as showy as the simple stuff.

Another possibility is that people tend to look closer at things they think *might( be possible for themselves, whereas other projects are far enough out of their experience/ability that it just doesn't register with them.

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I would have loved to see the guy doing the fire dance.
My opinion is that simple projects have a simple elegance to them. There's more uniformity. And perhaps a little bit more masculinity. (Who here cares about masculinity though?) The more difficult projects are more fun to make though, and there's more satisfaction for yourself knowing what went into making the project.


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I've always found it difficult to balance my need for interesting/difficult knitting techniques with making a desirable garment.

Something like a bobble looks like hell on a man's sweater (generally speaking here), but it's a lot more interesting to knit than all garter stitch.

Often I have multiple projects on the needles so I can have my share of both simple/beautiful and difficult/less functional (e.g., Lace). It keeps me satisfied.

And in answer to your's definitely a compliment.

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Less is more.

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I've experienced the same thing regarding people's reactions to something that was difficult vs. simple. As long as you're happy with the work, bask in the compliments and enjoy!