Go, Go Gadget Market Bag

I bought this kit at my LYS. I've put off making a market bag, but have to say I really do like this project. The yarn is very stretchy and the bag is deceptively roomy.


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It looks great. I am interested in what type of yarn you used and also how you made the handles. I would love one. Great knitting.

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I like the colors and the bag. The handles interest me the most, as most bag patterns I have seen, I didn't like the handles. Yours look great. Who makes the kit ? Would it be possible to make the handles longer, for a shoulder type bag ? I have several cloth grocery bags that I put on my shoulder to carry. When they are heavy, it makes it easier. Great job.

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DITTO! I've often thought of making one, but I haven't seen one this nice. The handles are great. What yarn did you use? Great job!

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The name of the kit?

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I think one of the yarn shop employees designed this, and then the yarn shop put the kits together. The yarn is described as worsted weight yarn 51% cotton and 49% acrylic, but there are no labels to identify the maker. The name on the pattern is Go Green! Market Bag, and the designer is Carol Eddington. She has an email address listed for information. If it's who I think it is, I believe she may share the pattern and yarn choice if you send her an email: design55@everestkc.net.

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There are a couple of questions about the handles on the bag. It's actually a long piece of I-cord that is threaded through two drawstring castings and then grafted together to make a continuous handle.

It can be made as long or as short as you like. With the yarn being as stretchy as it is, I felt the recommended length had enough elasticity to suit me, but for those wanting to make a longer handle for shoulder bags, it wouldn't be a problem at all.