I'm a lucky man!!!

My honey surprised me with these knitting T-shirts from cafe press! I especially like the one that says: "I have two needles. You have two eyes. Don't mess with a man who knits." Isn't that great!!! He also snooped in my double pointed needles' case and wrote down all the sizes I didn't have and ordered me Takumi Velvets in those sizes for Valentine's day. Keep in mind this is from a guy who doesn't knit and never really had any experience with needle work until he met me. He never complains about all my WIP's all over the house or when I want to increase my stash for yet another project! He'll never know how appreciative I am to be partnered with someone who is so supportive of my passion for something (other than him that is)...Love you Trace!

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How wonderful to have a supportive partner, isn't it? Yes!!

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It is great to have someone love & support you. I really chuckled about your WIP all over the house, since that is me too. My partner never says a word and never bats an eye when we travel & I pull out my knitting in airports, planes, hotels, sometimes even the parks. We are indeed lucky..... and I love the shirts.

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Yes you are a very lucky guy and it shows how much you appreciate him.

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That's awesome! My partner is also supportive of my hobbies. He even likes to watch Knitty Gritty with me, even though he doesn't have any interest in knitting himself.

You two make a very handsome couple.



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That's awesome. I definitely want that shirt...can I order one somewhere?
You are a lucky guy to have such a great partner.


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Hey Thomas...you can do a search at cafepress.com...I happen to recognize the Two Needles/Two Eyes t-shirt as one of Franklin Habit's designs, but here's the search page you want for a LOT of knit-related items at cafepress:


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Thanks Joe for giving the info on the website! Yeah, he just went on cafepress.com and typed on "knitting+men" into the search box. They have a ton of stuff there--t-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc. I even got our MWK emblem t-shirt from there that's subtitled, "Boys do it better." I love it! Have fun.

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I love the fist raised with the two needles - it may have to be my next tat.

My husband and I just converted one of our spare bedrooms into a work room so we can sit and do crafty stuff together - he's a jewler. It's the coziest feeling in the world, to sit there, each doing our thing together.

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Can't address the supportive partner bit but I am blessed to have a twin brother who is not embarassed by my knitting, whether in public, at fiber-related events, or wherever. He's even scored me some great buys on yarn and knitting books. My proudest moments for him is when he brags up my knitting abilities (and other fiber interests) to strangers when I'm busy clicking away with the needles and yarn. Still, he has no interest at all in learning to do it himself. All you fellows are indeed blessed to have such great partners. Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I am also an identical twin, and my brother supports my knitting habit...he helped me turn my wooden circular needles...and is helping me build a squirrel swift.

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Yeah, I tried to teach Tracy to crochet once after he saw some bags he liked and wanted to make for his cousin. It lasted for about 10 minutes before he was ready to strangle himself with the yarn. He actually did quite well for his first time, but he has NO patience for that sort of thing! Likewise he LOVES spinning, but I'd rather pluck my nose hairs with a pair of needle pliers than sit on a stationary bike for an hour...so there you go!

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Cafepress does have some great stuff...

I particularly liked this: the creation of knitting


but do you think the mug comes censored?

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You are very lucky to have found your man! Congrats.

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Great to have a supportive partner, isn't it!!! Mine supports me also and dosen't mind when I leave projects around the house or on my side of the bed, that is currently where my stash is storred in several bags on my side of the bed under the sides of our waterbed. Congrats on the T-shirts, will have to check out the online shopping myself.