Does this happen to everyone?

Um, well I have started a new project which really is just a scarf but working with a different textured yarn which is the new part.  I also just bought more needles, a pattern and yarn for another project and i have some other yarn for another project that I am thinking about.  Starting to get piles of knitting things.  Is this a disease I have caught??


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Truthfully I have recently noticed a difference and now know not all yarns are worthy of my time.  I bought some stuff on sale that seemed to be real nice until I started working with it.  Ugh.  It is a two ply yarn that is not spun together well at all and separates while working with it.  It also is not very strong and can be easily pulled apart.  I have spun my own yarn recently and can pull quite hard and it will not tear like the other stuff.  I now will take the time to examine the yarn better as well as probably end up paying for better yarn. I love just walking around the yarn store feeling things!

As far as needles go I pretty much just have Clover brand bamboos which I like well enough.  I have thought about trying the metal ones but I dont think that you can take those on planes like you can the wooden ones. 

I've only been knitting for 2 years and am still building my needle collection. I started with straight bamboos, moved to circular bamboos and am now only buying metal Turbos. I struggled with circular bamboos on 2 recent cotton baby sweaters and swore to high heaven that I would not use circular bamboos any more unless the pattern calls for a size needle that I only have in bamboo (I'm on a budget).

 As for yarn, well yah, I'm a bit of a snob. One of my early projects that I started more than a year ago was a throw made from acrylic yarn I bought a Michael's Crafts. My mother convinced me to buy acrylic because it would be washable and practical for a throw. I finished several squares and then stopped because I couldn't stand the feel of the fabric. Some day I'll finish it though because I don't want it to be wasted. I'll probably wind up donating the finished piece.

 I recently bought some yarn from The quality was nice enough and at a good price. I also try to stay with the more reasonable brands like Brown Sheep and Cascade. I do covet cashmere but I can't justify $45+ a ball. I've seriously considered raising a few Angora Rabbits and learning to spin on a drop spindle to save money. But I think my partner David will divorce me if I added spinning to my craft list, plus, as you all know, we don't knit to save money.


I've just spent the morning in Liberty's in London.  A fantastic store (Check their web site out) with a superb craft department.  The wools are superb if expensive.  They stock Jaeger and Rowan wools.  I always come away with more stuff than I can manage to get through in the short term but having several projects pending is a great driver to get stuff finished.   I seem to have a vast quantity of needles as a result as I tend to change needle lengths quite a bit within the same piece of knitting.  I keep these in a mechanic's-type tool box - looks like I'm heavily into DIY until I open it!

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I have to join the ranks of having enough stash to open my own yarn shoppe at home.  In fact much of it is not visible because if someone saw all that I have I would have to kill them to keep the secret.  Vases help to store straight needles and double points.  Circulars end up everywhere and I often find one when I vacuum.  Depending on the project depends on which kind I use, although I do favor bamboo and love casein dp for sock knitting.  And a few good addi turbo's are always important to have on hand.

I too am  a yarn snob.  And I have the benefit of having a friend(s) who spins and dyes yarns so I get some great stuff to work with.  And then I have the favorites that I crave obsessively: Koigu, Lorna's Laces sock yarn (and just purchased some of her worsted in the mineshaft colorway for a sweater); cottagecraftwoolens which makes great no nonsense wool at very affordable prices.  I have all sorts of things I like to mix Rowan Kid Silk Haze with.  I have a circular nylon hamper filled completely with sock yarn - it will last me until I am 82.  Use various baskets, luggage, bowls for yarn.  Keep a picture of Magda, Zsa Zsa and Eva over a bowl of Anne yarn.  It is my idea of fine jewelry and I think the ladies would appreciate it.

So Billbear, welcome to the world of stash and obesssion and passion in the knitting.  You are in good company.