Gangsta Knitter

Your guage is wrong / You dropped a stitch / I can knit so well that you'll both be my bitch!

Gangsta Knitter is hella tight!


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Gangsta Knitter

OK, everytime that I think I've seen it all, something else blows me out of the water. Is this a sect of Hell's Angels? It's great to see that others are breaking down gender and social barriers elsewhere! Give 'em hell Gangsta Knitter!

Word up!  I'm a Gangsta Knitter - Get back to yo' baby sitter!

If you'd like to see the video, download the mp3, or discover what other madness we perpetrate, surf on over to

Peace out!

Doug the Gangsta Knitter

I checked out the Gangsta knitter.  LOL, that is a hoot.  You go guys, you could use some work on how to hold your knitting needles though.  LOL, Peace Out!