Branching out scarf

I wanted this to be more special then it is. It's knit in Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy which is a Hemp/cotton/modal (rayon) and it feels like packing string. I fell in love with the color and thought the hemp thing was interesting but it sort of reminds me of those doilies that your grandmother would crochet and starch stiff as a board. Anyway here it is.


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Superb knitting, Scott. (As always.) Too bad the yarn didn't live up to your expectations. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Have you tried steaming it? With the hi hemp/cotton content I don't know how much it will change but rayon, if you want it to have a fluid hand HAS to be steamed, and heavily. I would put the iron on the cotton/linen setting the highest steam possible and press it. Yes, touch it iron to the scarf and steam it into submission, if possible. I know there are people who will scream bloody murder for touching an iron to knitting, as if woven fabrics are made out of some "other" type of cotton/rayon/hemp/wool whatever fiber that allows pressing while knitting fibers don't...tin foil hats for them. With the high cotton/hemp you may not be able to tell any difference, you'll just have to try it and let us know. I steam EVERYTHING I knit, crochet, bobbin lace, tat, needlepoint, or any other type of handwork and it always makes a nicer finished item! Not that I put the iron on everything, acrylics will melt etc and cables can be flattened and killed BUT I always place the iron on rayon if I want drape.

As a 2nd though, hemp acts very much like linen, hence your felling that it is "boardy". Hemp softens with washing so that may be the way to go if steam does not work.

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Blocked but not steamed. I will definitely try the steam iron though. Actually I'm thinking of running it through the washer and then ironing it dry, what do you think? That might really break the fibers down. By the way the break down of the fiber content is hemp 34%, cotton 41% and modal 25%. I wonder if the cotton is the real problem.

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I strongly recommend washing...put it in a lingerie bag ( every man has one, right?) and throw it in the washing machine.

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It's beautiful; I love the pattern.

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That pattern has been in my knitting book for so long now. You have inspired me. Great work.

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How about fabric softener?

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Good idea, I'll throw some in when I wash it ... in the lingerie bag of course.

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hemp, like linen, grows softer with washing. many washings.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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does anyone treat such a yarn before knitting? It seems the complaint is as much about the knitting as it is the finished thing.

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I may experiment with that idea. I have a couple more skeins and maybe I just throw them in the wash machine a couple of times and see what happens. It's not terrribly expensive yarn so I wouldn't be losing much if it got all screwed up. But I doubt it will.