KAL Boxers: Casted On & Knitting

I've started the boxer KAL! I'm not waiting for the starting gun!

I'm knitting these for myself. It seems I can't upload files from my phone, so picture later.

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Was home sick yesterday so got an early start myself. Noticed a few errors before starting. I'll not try to spoil everyone's fun and let the cat out of the bag just yet. (But for those who have not done short rows before, there are errors in the instructions for the wrap and turn. I'll let you try and figure it out first, if you have ?'s PM me.)**
** I'm blaming the cold meds for this one! The instructions work for the wrap and turn, they are just written differently from what I'm use to. They work, your just wrapping the turning stitch instead of the one following. 6 of one, half dozen of the other! My apologies!!!! However, there really are errors/typos on the second page.

I did a few of the wrapped turn stitches and didnt like the knotty feel it left, was very concerned about other things getting wrapped up in there also, so just did plain old short rows.

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I've started today as well. I'm still trying to get my gauge right! I'm having to go down in needle sizes more than usual.


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Millie. Long time no talk... what yarn are you using again? I think you mentioned it in a previous post but not sure.

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Hey hon--yeah, it sounds as if you have a story to tell. I'm using some Schaffer "Anne" (wool/mohair/nylon sock yarn) and Knit Picks Stroll Tweed in UT orange. The Anne colorway is a mix of tan, forest green and burnt orange. I'm about 2/3 finished with the back panel. I had to go down to a US3 to make gauge. I think I remember Kenny posting he had to use a much smaller size too. I'll take some pics tomorrow to post my progress. Hugs...


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It feels like the red yarn I'm using feels a bit stiffer than the lighter yarn I did my swatch in. Hopefully my gauge is the same. I thought it would as the yarns are the same except for color. It'll double check when I get enough done to check.


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*SIGH* I've managed to misplace my copy of the pattern... I'm currently searching for it... I have an inkling that I'll need to order it again.

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Ick! I hope you find it!