My first socks!

I made my first pair of socks for my 8-year-old daughter. She loves them, and I'm happy to have conquered another knitting frontier.

Patrrick :)

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Wow! Most bodacious! Really nice looking. So how 'bout some details: like what kind of yarn, what kind of needles (circs or dpn's) and where'd you get the pattern? What was new with this project that you'd never done before? And have you caught the fabled "sock bug," i.e., are socks all you want to do now?

Tom :)

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OK...details: medium weight cotton yarn, dpn's. I didn't really use a pattern, but I followed the advice some of the men here and Googled a lot of information. I used my daughter's foot to get them to fit, and chose a peasant heel so I could get the desired effect with the contrasting yellow yarn. I think I'm hooked on socks now - they were really easy, so I know I'll make more soon.

Patrick :)

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Thanks, Patrick. Where'd you find that cotton yarn?

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The multi/ombré is Hobby Lobby's brand - "I Love This Cotton." It's cheap, but very soft, and actually not too hard to knit. The yellow is just some scrap cotton yarn my daughter has. We'll see how it all holds up in the wash...

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...cotton is not the easiest yarn to knit with...

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Excellent job!!! They are beautiful.

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I can't believe that's your first pair of socks! Those look awesome Patrick!!! I LOVE making socks and just about have one pair going perpetually aside from my other knitting projects. I just started my first pair of toe up construction socks and I'm knitting two at a time with 2 circulars. I do love my DPN's, though. Just to let you know, has some pretty awesome sock patterns in their archives for free and you'll find a link there for Cookie A.'s website containing more free patterns. She's one of my favorite sock designers and has beautiful patterns! My favorite sock yarns are Mini Mochi and Schaefer, but Knit Picks has some really decent sock yarns for great prices! You can get a hank/skein for like 3 or 4 dollars. They also offer blanks and dyeing kits which your kids would probably really enjoy! I got together with my nieces and nephew one weekend, wrapped the dining room table with plastic wrap and went to town painting sock blanks. They had fun playing with the colors (we used KoolAid dye) and I told them they were helping Uncle Mill dye some yarn (not knowing they were designing their own sock colourways). Now I'm knitting up the blanks and will give them the socks they dyed as gifts for Christmas. I wanted to pass along those tips. Congratulations on your first pair!

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That is SO wonderful!!! They'll love having socks they dyed the yarn for! Great idea!

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Those are great. I am not a fan of knitting socks. I believe it's the yarn issue, I'm allergic to wool. So I've used cotton and didn't like the results, I tried bamboo and I sort of like those but I want to LOVE them, not sort of like them. Anyhow I did buy more yarn and will challenge myself soon. I am, however, a fan of the toe-up method.

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Very nice, Patrick. How soon is your daughter going to knit some socks also? [Just a thought.] Another great resource is Knitting Pattern Central...lots of reader submitted instructions for everything from dishcloths to socks. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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They turned out great! You're unquestionably a natural!

Grace and Peace,

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Great socks! Love the yellow heel and toe!

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