The hat from hell

So, here are two pictures of the hat that I made for my soon to be nephew. It really was the hat from hell considering it is so small...

Really ... It was rough at times ... :)

Image icon blue baby hat #2.JPG163.85 KB
Image icon blue baby hat #1.JPG183.94 KB


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Doug, I would have knit the hat bigger and then quickly spoiled the nephew rotten so that he developled a 'big' head and it wouldn't have been so hard on you.

Problem solved!

P.S. It must be a small hat. I can't see any pics either!

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I am not sure but I think there's something up with the picture posting part of the site - I've vandalized teh site (sorry guys) with my attempts of putting up my juvenile little baby sweater - and I can't get it to work either - I'd LOVE to see the baby hat! - maybe you can post it online somewhere and put a link to that site here?



I'm guessing that the server doesn't like the # signs in the file names. When I try to open the pictures in a new window, the address gets truncated at that point. See if posting the files with different names such as "baby_hat_1" will make it work.