1945 Christmas stocking continued

Here are two stockings I knit for a client from a 1945 (UK edition) Ladies` Home Companion. It was done in Plymouth Superbaby DK acrylic-microfiber. (I don`t recommend: Too soft, starting to fuzz already just being knitted)

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Very nice, I like those colors a lot. That's why I like Christmas so much.

I will post some of mine later, when I finish my Teddy Bear LOL

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Ironically, the color match to the 1971 original was EXACT (except for the white, which might be a little soiled on the original). There must be Pantone Chips for Christmas red and Christmas green.

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Those look like fun to do! I assume you did them flat, in intarsia, and then put a seam in them? I'm sure the kids will treasure these for a very long time.

Sometimes using beautifully soft yarns are not the best to use for something that is going to be used often. And wool still seems to outlast everything else.

They look very much like some that Grace Ennis Patterns are selling (http://www.grkp.com/). She designed a lot of wonderful patterns for socks starting in 1939 and well into the 1960's. They are on a 2-for-1 sale right now through eBay. http://stores.ebay.com/Graphic-Knitting-Patterns

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They are knit top down in intarsia, and then right above the heel you put them on double pointed needles and finish them like a sock, just switching yarn as you go. (I added some short-row shaping on the second one to make it lie flatter...can't leave well enough alone, that's me) The ankle is seamed up the back, and I lined them in grey jersey. I hope she loves them. They got lots of compliments at the yarn store, and they are far better than the original, but then again, she didn't have to pay "Granny" to make hers...

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It's funny that the figures in the top band are reversed - but both santa's face the same way. I think I would have done both sets of figures the same way - but heck, I'm not a designer...

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Mario, I actually did that on purpose, switching the boy and the girl... I like that the socks have subtle differences. The only thing that bothers me is that I couldn't fit a 7 letter name across the top band and have it be legible in duplicate stitch, so I had to actually embroider it. It's not as bold as her name...In retrospect I wish I had gone back and changed her's to embroidery as well, but I would have had to reknit the white background, as it gets garfed up when you stitch it. If the client requests it, I will change it, but otherwise, it is what it is.