Hey - I am considering getting a simple [and I do mean simple] digital camera that I can use for photos and then posting them here and on Ravelry. I need a fairly inexpensive one as my budget is limited and I don't want to spend too much money that can go towards yarn. I figured my best move would be to get feedback from people more in the know - Any suggestion? Thanks. [Also, do I need Flickr or anything like that to post? I seem to remember something on Ravelry that talked about it. I'd rather limit my on-line presence to the bare minimum.]


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Two thoughts, Joe,

1. I bought a fairly simple one in 2008 at Circuit City (now out of business!). It was a floor model, so I got a better price on it. I think it was less than $100. One word of warning if you buy a floor model, make SURE all the parts and pieces are with the camera you're purchasing, including any batteries. Best Buy or Target would be good places to look.

2. If you have a pretty good cell phone, they are getting to the point of almost replacing general-use cameras. My profile pic was made with my cell phone, and sometimes these pics come out better than my actual camera pics do.

I'm able to download my phone pics to my computer by emailing them to myself. Of course, your actual camera should have download cords included.

Just my two cents worth....


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Joe, before I went to the MKR in Seattle last fall, I ordered a Fuji AX250 from It was under $100 and takes great pictures. Like Brent I often tie pictures with my phone, but still like having the camera on hand. It is small compact and takes great pics (see my blog posts at It also come in a package with a case, memory card, and certificates for 100 free pics from Walmart photo. Hope this helps.

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I was going to recommend a Fuji but smalltownknitguy beat me to the punch. They have a nice selection of compact cameras that really do well, and also perform nicely in less-than-ideal light conditions. I'm using a higher-end thing now but if someone hadn't (*ahem*) dropped my little Fuji into the Bosphorus, I'd still be using it for a lot of basic things!

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Ravelry you can upload pictures for your PROJECTS from your computer - you don't need flickr - if you want to post photos in threads then you either have to buy the service or get a flickr account.

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Thanks, everyone, for current - and future - comments. I understand Fuji is a great option so will start from there. -- I must say, Brent, that I am a true Luddite over most advanced technology...that's why I use fountain pens. LOL I don't use cell phones and get ribbed about it all the time. In fact, I have trouble handling some cordless home phones. True story. However, I truly appreciate your advice and will definitely check any floor demos, etc. for all the parts. -- Take care, everyone.

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We have a Canon Powershot A2200 - They're right at $100. We also have a Nikon Coolpix, which run around $80-$90.

We're happy with both of them (actually, this is our 2nd Coolipix!)

Both are frequently on sale and available at any big-box store (are current ones are from Target).

You'll want to pay attention to the "megapixels" that the phone has - the higher the megapixels, the more precise the photo). We prefer something that's at least 10 mega pixels (the A2200 is 14.1) since we're taking kids' pictures, but if you're just planning on posting to the internet you wouldn't need anything that high. Our phones are 5 megapixels and that's plenty for the internet (it also works fine for 4x6 photos, although not for anything much bigger than that).

It might seem like you'd want the highest number possible, but the higher the number the more memory each picture takes up on your computer so you probably don't want to overdo it (you can set the camera to take lower quality pictures but if you want something that's easy to use right off the shelf you probably don't want to worry about that.)

Hope that helps :-)

Grace and peace,

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Thanks, Tim. My friend's daughter in law just told me of the Coolpix yesterday so it is nice to have a second recommendation. I definitely want good quality photos but will keep in mind that memory has to be sacrificed. My sister's camera -that I borrowed for my trip to NY City- had options for photo quality and I liked that feature. Still, I'm not a "rush to buy" kind of guy so all recommendations will be gladly accepted.

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Joe, I use a Sony Cyber-shot, DSC-W310. Someone has probably already mention it! Sid

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No, they haven't, so I'll add it to the list. Thanks.

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