NEEDED - Good, simple, men's glove pattern.

Gonna take the leap into dpns and trying to knit me some fingers!

The Flying Goose Mitts are gorgeous!
... but am looking for a simple, men's glove to start on.

Any ideas?
Fave patterns?

Thanks, in advance,


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My "go to" glove pattern is in a Kristin Spurkland book entitled "The Knitting Man(ual)". The pattern is called "Go Anywhere Gloves". She gives directions for fingerless, open-fingered and close-fingered gloves. The pattern is written with a twisted stitch pattern (knitting all the stitches every other row), but I've done it in stockinette as well. The pattern works with fingering wt. or sport wt. yarn.

The other glove pattern I've knit is from Ann Bud's book, "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns" and it's called "Basic Glove Pattern". It's written for a range of yarn weights and sizes; more of a recipe really.

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I was going to suggest the same source. That glove pattern is as basic as it gets and in mens sizing. It's a worthwhile book to have as well - I tend to go back to it frequently.

Here's the fingerless version that I did a little bit ago.

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I've knit the ones out of the Knitting (Man)ual.... they worked out well, although I made the fingers a bit too short and had trouble with holes between the fingers - that was TOTALLY not that patterns fault though.

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Can't offer much advice here: The only pair of gloves I've knit were for my brother as a surprise Xmas gift. He wasn't very impressed with them and lost them in a move. About the best I can say is that you really have to watch the length of the fingers to ensure a good fit. Good luck.

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I’ve made several pairs of gloves from “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns” by Ann Budd. I love this little book! The directions are hard for some people to follow, since she has the changes in tables and you need to find your size on the table. I just mark it with a highlighter and have no problems at all. This book also has basic mitten, sweater, hat, sock, and vest patterns. Any pattern can be spiced up with your own choice of stitch pattern or color work. Good luck!

PS I love knitting gloves!

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Thanks, Guyz!

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I've got a woven cable fingerless glove pattern for free on Ravelry, as well as a Basic Glove pattern there. Both have had a lot of downloads, and seem pretty popular. So you might want to check them out!

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both the Glove and Fingerless Glove patterns are VERY nice!
Thank you!