It has happened again, for the third time! First I myself matched the kitchen curtains at work wearing a new sweater, a few months later a colleague matched the curtains in her office wearing a cardigan I had knitted for her, and yesterday another colleague found herself matching the wallpaper in her new cardigan! Hopefully a coincidence (or three), if not, I don't think I want to know what's going on... Anyway, I'm happy with all three garments!

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ronhuber's picture

All three are certainly beautiful. I really like the newest and have ordered some laceweight wool. What tension or gauge were you getting in the stranded work?

Asplund's picture

Thanks, Ron! There are 26 stitches per 10 cm (4 in) with 2 mm needles (US 0).

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Extremely nice work, as always.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Asplund's picture

Thank you! :-)

AKQGuy's picture

Wonderful work. And it just goes to show, people surround themselves with colors that comfort and flatter.

Asplund's picture

Thank you - and I think you're absolutely right about how people choose colours!

scottly's picture

What cute sweaters and so well done! And they match the surroundings just enough but not so much that people might think you're deranged - you know, like they were in the 50's when they did that kind of thing on purpose.

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CLABBERS's picture

I just visited your Ravelry pages and I am amazed at the stunning beauty of your work. You are in inspiration to someone like me who is still struggling to wrap his head around all that is knitting. Well done!

Asplund's picture

Thank you, Mark!

I love each and every one of those garments. The men's sweater is just great colors mixed well. I love the goldenrod jacket in the middle, the scalloping really works for the edges. And the lady who matches her wallpaper was made for that sweater - not the other way around.
Wonderful work.

Asplund's picture

David, I think that's the nicest comment I've received about something I've made - thank you!

Paul81's picture

Dude! Bloody marvellous. Good work!

Asplund's picture

Thanks! :)

michaelpthompson's picture

Somewhat like the "Urban Camouflage" used by Sherlock Holmes in the latest film.

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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