The Kelp Grove

From AKQGuy

I got it done despite it being one of those days. I wouldn't have even walked the dogs when I got home from work due to feeling my patience fraying at the edges. And not at just one thing, but everything. And everything includes me. Mainly, for being out of patience... It's a vicious and absolutely ridiculous cycle but yet, no less real. And secondly, I've misplaced my little PHD (push here dummy) digital camera and damn if I know where to find it. Irritated at other people just for breathing in general and being in my way. Irritated with google docs for not playing nice to share my patterns (that's where the apologies come from too). Basically, it's just a day where I recognize that perhaps I should close all the curtains, turn on the sound of a thunderstorm, thank my lucky stars that last night was my last night at work for the week, and get some sleep. Do I do this? No... I walk the dogs, search for missing camera, use other camera to get last needed pictures for the next pattern and here I am fighting with google docs. I didn't say I was logical, I said I was out of patience, irritable, and generally ill humored today. Logic doesn't play a part in this at all. Come on, you know these kinds of days. None of us are Vulcan, and we all fall prey to it. Well, today is my day to do just that.

I promise, I won't whine. I am simply here to post pictures of the Kelp Grove scarf and get the pattern up. I pray, that it works and people can use it appropriately. And if they can't view it or utilize it, then I apologize. I am also attaching the original PDF below to combat issues in that department. So so so sorry. Try refreshing your page first! I've had some success there.

If this keeps up, I may even look at talking to a computer person and seeing what there is out there to host my own web page/blog with document sharing capabilities. Perhaps... I may have to be really at my wits end for such an endeavor and perhaps a little more prolific in writing down the craziness I create with the fiber. Dreams are good to have, right? Did I mention the lack of logic? Perhaps it may even cross over into purely delusional.

So... Are you ready for this?

Please let me know if you see any huge glaring mistakes. Or even little ones. I am dyslexic and I try, I truly do. I swear it all makes sense in my head.

PDF icon Kelp Grove PTN.pdf838.77 KB


Joe-in Wyoming's picture

Quinton, that is a fantastic scarf and I love the way it turned out. I think it is fantastic that the blues show up in the photos and come across as green in person. Hope that all goes better over the days off. Take care.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

scottly's picture

Thanks Quinton for providing me with my next project! I'm pretty sure the skein of yellow Euroflax I've had around for a few years has found its project. Do think you 270 yds of sport wt will give me enough length?

It is my favorite kind of lace by the way.

AKQGuy's picture

I would do at least one less repeat of the lace pattern to the side, meaning cast on only 44 stitches. My single skein gave me about a five foot scarf, but the mohair silk has a bit more stretch in blocking than linen will. Good luck!

scottly's picture

Will do, thanks.

ronhuber's picture

Thanks for the pattern. It is a beautiful piece of work.

Bill's picture

Thank you for posting the works on both my mac and my ipad...
Those are great examples of the versatility of your pattern...

AKQGuy's picture

Thanks for the compliments guys. Makes me feel like I did something right today.

CLABBERS's picture

Thank you Quinton!
The pattern is nicely written and I think this will be a scarf that I give a close friend next winter. I know what you mean about having days where there is an absolute and utter disdain for the rest of humanity. I teach in a school where there are 850 little hormone bombs between 11-14. Curiously, they don't affect me except to bring pleasure to my life. The adults, however, need a good long visit to the woodshed now and then. Thankfully, I have been able to hike a lot this winter, which helped my new hip heal, as well as helping me clear my head a bit. So, walking your dog may indeed be more therapeutic than you think. Be strong!

TinkerJones's picture

Beautiful pattern, and perfectly named! This is def going on my todo list.