Beaded Stitch Marker Class

I took a class last week with one of the local yarn groups (The Yarn Mavens). We took over a the Bead and Yarn Studio in Bakersfield, CA (who'd a thunk!). There were about a dozen ladies, me and a lot of chatter. Here's what I ended up with at the end of the day.

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Very Nice,
Love the stitch markers. I am going to have to look into seeing where I can learn to make some myself. I have not heard of any such think around my area. You did an awesome job.!!

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Those are lovely stich markers. I made a couple my self will have to add some pitures of what the end result was. Some stich markers are just so plain and I wanted to have a lttle fun with them that's how I ended doing them my self. If you have workered with beads before the posibilities are endless when it comes to this. I have to say mine are no where close to what you ended up with but your are truly lovely markers. Makes me want to run out to the bead store to see what other beads I can turn in to markers.

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we put birds on things

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You're sunk!
...there is no turning back....

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OMG Those are so nice and simple to make. *facepalm* I work with beads a lot and have never thought of making markers like that. I must check my stash now. LOL.
But seriously, you did an awesome job there. Those are very pretty.

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nice.. and to think, I was using a spare key chain that was within reach

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Very nice. I have a set of 4 a friend gave me that are skulls. 2 are plain and 2 have seed bead accents. The latter are really nice because the beads are 2 colors and I can use them to show which side is which when knitting...if the green beaded skull is on the right, it is the right side; black beads on the right, it's the wrong side.

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