In need of inspiration...

My very good friend katie is 40 in August...and I'd like to knit her smething nice. But, I'm on my self-imposed stash busting attempts and, despite being tempted to go and splash the cash at one of London's premier wool shops, I have got plenty tucked away at home (as my endlessly-patient other half says, there's wool everywhere!) I do have some lovely Rowan Scottish tweed 4 ply - sadly now discontinued....some charcoal, some flecked lighter Gray and some beautiful dark sea green....and as katie hails from Scotland, I'm sure she'd appreciate it. However, I'm a bit stumped for knitting inspiration. She's not a lacy fussy kind o' gal. Any ideas?

Needle Sizes: 3 to 3.25mm

Tension per 10cm: 26 to 28 sts x 38 to 40 rows.


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My first thought for a gal from Scotland, especially if you've got the lovely Rowan Scottish Tweed, was a fisherman's sweater. There's an interesting group on Ravelry for these. They're mostly Yorkies and Cornish and such, but there have also been discussions of Irish and Scottish patterns, especially from the islands and coastal communities. It's a pretty major project, but very special to the heart of a proud Scot who's not into lace. The traditional fisherman's sweater was usually made by a family member and saw all sorts of rough weather for many years, keeping the wearer warm and loved.

There's another group I love that's all about tea, and they share all sorts of patterns and ideas for tea cozies, etc. You might get some good ideas there. I have one in my queue that's an elepant, with the spout of the teapot for a trunk.

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For the Non Fussy Gal......Since I am female I will put in my thoughts. How about a nice pair of fingerless mittens.
I've made several for myself and love them.
Just a thought.....:)

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My worst projects are always the ones that I try to force myself to use my stash for. Stash is there to inspire you to make that one project that it was meant to be. For every skein, hank or ball in my stash there is "a" project out there for which it is perfect and it's best to wait for that project to come along. I say go to the LYS, think about your friend - what colours she likes, textures she apprecaites or fiber she would love. Also, there is a lace pattern for everyone. I have yet to meet a woman who didn't love recieving a lace scarf - as that her birthday is in August think linen. The mits are a great idea as well - in the winter months I can't make them fast enough. But really, if you ponder your friend long enough while browsing the LYS the perfect gift will make itself known.

Entrelac scarf. Add some purple for a square/triangle or two here and there and remind her of the poem "When I am An Old Woman, I Will Wear Purple."

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That's a great idea, PeterMark. I should make one like that for my cousin...she just loves that poem.

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