Back with the needles

Good morning gentlemen,
I'm back with needles and yarn in my hands. The error of my ways was made clear to me from a fellow member on here, PHEW! The kind and caring words made me see the light.

I've found a knitting group, Seneca Falls Knitting Club. While composed of women until this point, they welcomed me.

I'm working on residual limb covers for Walter Reid Hospital, it's a charity project that I'm thrilled to be a part of.

See you soon....Terry B. (Thunderhorse54)


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Very Good!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Thank you sir! Yes, it IS a good thing.

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A very noble cause to use as your ticket back. I am considering making caps for children who are undergoing radiation therapy. I'm still researching it. Welcome back!


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Thank you sir!

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Be mindful of the knitting Police! A knitting group makes a big difference as you can get help from others right on the spot.

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And they're all women, I'm sure they'll be telling this only guy a few things.

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Yaaayyyyyy!!!! Welcome back to the group and knitting, overall. I'm so glad you reconsidered and rejoined us. Kudos on the charity knitting, too.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Haha! Thanks so much!

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Welcome back, Thunderhorse!


Good you have found a knitting group! I think one way or the other the concept of knitting will bring you together with like minded people. I have rarely found anyone too judgmental about men knitting. i do however have to put up with the concept of it being a "novel" idea for men.
I was at one of my favorite yarn haunts awhile back to get some new needles. The owners know me pretty well so talking about knitting is just second hand to them. We like it we talk about it. I feel at equal with them.
However... out of the blue a woman who I don't even know came up to me getting all excited. "I love men who knit socks..." (I was discussing sock knitting and needles at the time with the owner) It was almost like saying your a novelty among men feeling. When I started discussing more about it with her and she realized what I was speaking about and that it wasn't something superficial she kinda back down on the excitement. I then got a rather distant stance from her almost like I was not the person I originally started out as.
So I find some women very accepting of it, like ok its not just a whim of the moment for them they are serious on the craft. Then the other is like I am suddenly tramping on their sacred ground, sexes MUST be separate in all they do.
Of course is is just what I am FEELing at the moment. It might be something totally off key.

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Hey Thunderhorse! Those women better welcome you! after all you guys were nice enough to make me feel welcome.
I have not been here for a while either, but I am starting to feel like a real I had to get with knitting people.

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Welcome back,

Glad you came to your senses. Just kidding.
Knit on in Happiness
Knit on, Knit on, Knit on