Knitting Spools

These are turned knitting spools by Grizzly Mountain Arts.
He doesn't list them very often. You'll have better luck getting one if you belong to the Grizzly Mountain ravelry group. He lets the group know when he's done new ones.

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These are magnificent! So handsome and clearly well made.Thank you for sharing the pics and great info.

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those are way cool Bill

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I told you earlier that I was sort of aware of his work, then checked the website. Oh my YES - I was aware of his great creations...I just conveniently forgot them to stop the craving. Gorgeous work.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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His customer service is amazing! He mailed my spool to a slightly wrong traveled to the East coast and back. He was so upset at his mistake, and afraid I would'nt ever get my he mailed me another one...then my original spool arrived. So I have TWO!
If you want one, I suggest you request that he make some. He doesn't do commissions...but if enough people request them, I'm sure he'll turn some.

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Yes! Thank You for sharing these, they are beautiful!


oh~~get it