Members in Spokane, Washington

Are there any MWK members in Spokane, Washington? I will be in there from 1-14 November and would love to meet up with any men knitters who just might live there. I know it's a long shot but I understand Spokane has grown and matured considerably so my fingers are crossed for some male knitting company.

Also, does anyone know the current status of bringing knitting along when travelling into the US? I know it used to be banned and then the regulations kept changing back and forth. I've got plenty of books on my iPad to read but I might want some knitting diversional activity to pass the long trip from point of origin to point of arrival.




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Jesse, I knit on planes all the time...even with steel double problem at all, so far...although you might feel safer with bamboo needles....
I keep a knitting bag in my carry on luggage...and knit in the waiting room, also...

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I flew from Minneapolis to Denmark by way of Iceland in May and returned to the States from Stockholm and had no trouble flying with knitting needles. Have made several trips to and from Europe over the last several years and have had no trouble. I knit exclusively with Addi turbo circulars and have not had any problems in the states or European countries. Have a safe flight.