Well guys, they are called for blizzard conditions here in the Western Fingerlakes area of New York State. Accumulations between eighteen and twenty inches of snow. At least here in Waterloo New York. I'll be staying in and finishing up a cardigan, and starting some Brethren socks in red yarn. I have all that I need.....chocolate. Terry


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We got a blast here in the Chicago area too. We were supposed to get up to 17" but it turned out to be only 4, so we were pleased about that. I sure hope you don't get as much as they are calling for. This certainly has been a wicked winter! Be safe. Chocolate....yummmm!

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Looks like we're going to come close to what they've predicted.

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Keep safe, Terry. The good thing about knitting is it passes the time quite nicely. Just be careful not to get chocolate smears on the project. LOL

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Yep, being careful with the chocolate. I'm using Aran yarn, I HAVE to be.

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The last measurement on the tunno cover of my truck was 12 inches. And it's still coming down. But I'm knitting away.

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If you can knit as fast as it's coming down, you'll be done with your project in one afternoon! Glad you are safe...and enjoying the chocolates...truly the food from the gods.

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Stay warm, stay safe.
Enjoy the opportunity to knit.
If you want I can send pictures of the daffodils and tulips just starting to break ground here. Rest assured Spring is not far off.


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That would be very nice! Thanks....Terry

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Oh goodness! You poor people!

Right now, it is +4C and we haven't seen snow for a very long time. I have nothing on my streets now, except dust, and a good rain would fix that. I've had my bedroom window open for a few days now, so it's been quite wonderful. I don't know how long this will last -- it's only March, and we can get some snow in May. We're in Canada, you know, and the weather will do the unexpected when you least expect it!

Stay warm, indoors, by the fireplace, and knitting (or spinning). Spring is on its way -- really.

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Hopefully this will be the last!!! It's 40 deg here today. I don't know what that is in C. At the end of it all, I had 13 inches of snow. The storm is over, and I've made a whole cardigan as I never left the house and knitted almost constantly. I don't spin, but I find it fascinating. Is hand-spun difficult to work with? Are there any special considerations while knitting with it? Terry!