Piano Scarf Pattern

Ok, since I was asked to, I went ahead and wrote up my version of a piano scarf. I do not claim by any means to have come up with the idea, but I did come up with my stitch counts for the chart and improvised my own version of it...

Attached is a word file with pattern directions, and an excel file with the chart. Let me know if they don't work.

I might also add this pattern to my Ravelry page, just for fun.

Microsoft Office document icon Piano Scarf.doc25 KB
Office spreadsheet icon Piano Chart.xls20 KB


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What a great scarf. AND a wonderful conversation starter.

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Thanks, Thomabulous!

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Impress your musician friends by adjusting this pattern to make an accurate standard 88-key keyboard. It should start at low A and go to high C. The two end keys are special keys that don’t appear anywhere else on the keyboard. The outside edges of these two keys are missing the cut-out for a black key that lives next to every other A and C key. And don’t think you can substitute a regular C key for the Low-A: the black-key cut-out is a different depth! (3 cheers to Thomabulous for getting the proportions accurate!)

Here’s how:

1. Cast on on as described in the pattern.
2. Work row 43 twice.
3. Work rows 44-56.
4. Work rows 1-56 seven times.
5. Work row 55 six times.
6. Bind off as described in the pattern.

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ERRATA: See comment above.

Also, in the first paragraph of pattern directions, the sentence with the word "BOTH" in all caps should read:
"Be careful to keep BOTH colors in back with knitting a stitch and BOTH colors in FRONT to purl a stitch. "


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WHen you use the invisible cast on what do you do with the first slip knot stitch that you must lose on the first row.



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Also Can you give me a clue of how much yarn you need say for the 88 keys version.