Urg, I say!

As I had stated before, I had so many ideas going thru my head that I couldn't focus on one project and see it through. So... I pulled myself together and started on a beanie, because that is what I had initially wanted to make.

I started it on Saturday evening and was flying thru it and then I just started making stupid mistakes cause I wasn't paying attention to the pattern. I tore it apart and started over... I ended up doing this 3 times, just because I wasn't paying attention...

Then I finally get it right and everything and I get to the point here I start to decrease at the top and it just doesn't work. The decreases are not lining up and it's just didn't work...

It should have only taken me 2 evenings to finish this beanie. It's just a simple, nothing but knitting, beanie. Needless to say that frustration is setting in and I tore it up and put it aside for a while. I don't know what went wrong this last time because the whole thing was great till the decreases and I fallowed the pattern to the T.

So... I am moving on from that beanie to another on that I found on knitty.com. It's a very simply beanie and I hope I can make this one work.

Wish me luck.


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You should have posted here before you ripped it back. It might have been something simple like needing one more or one less stitch to make the decreases work. I think we all had days like that when we started knitting and I know it is frustrating. However, it is all part of the learning process. Good luck on the new beanie.

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and dont feel bad about having to take a break.

sometimes knowing when to step away from the needles is more important

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence