Now taking requests...

Well gents, I finally got around to laying out some promo cards for MEN WHO Today at work, I'll be seeing about minting some buttons too.

For those of you interested in starting or publicizing your own local chapters and meetings, send me a private message on here with the details and I'll make up a layout for you and send it to you as a PDF you can print and distribute.

Once I have the buttons done, I'll put up some photos and get you guys a price on covering the production costs so you too can proudly declare to the world that you are a man who knits!

Though the best and most eloquent way is to knit in public...


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I am interested in the buttons.  Let me know when they are a go and the price etc.

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Dude.  TOTALLY send me info.  I'm talking with the owner of my LYS to get a men's knitting group started.  So far, there's only two guys that I know of who frequent the store who would do it, but if we had the marketing, I'm sure we'd get more!  Thanks!