cottage wool

i am looking for home grown wool --- I recieved some as a gift this week and really liked the feel of the natural wool and was wondering if anyone could recommend a website that has home grown and spun wool --- Ifigure I can support the little people in this world too instead of the big corporate america.

Also, aas a side note if any of you men own a wool farm and need help this summer let me know (it would be great experience since I am going to school to get my veterinary technichian certification)


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You could find any number of places by doing a Google search, but you might try going to and searching "handspun yarn" (or you could just click this link. When I just did it, the search returned 2222 items, although some of them are rovings or finished items done in handspun rather than yarn ready to be knit. Still, some very interesting possibilities for you.

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There are uncounted numbers of places where you can get "home grown wool". You just have to ask around.

If you mean, locally produced, then you need to look around you. They are often advertised to the fibre community, so look for their publications, or ask at farmer's markets, or search for knitting or weaving or spinning guilds in your area. They are there -- some are very private and well-hidden!

If you are referring to unprocessed wool, there are any number of small businesses that have ready-to-spin rovings or yarn for sale. Again, ask around. I'm on several lists online where producers of spinning/knitting supplies are also members, and most lists allow regular ads from them. Search on Yahoo or Google groups for them.

Usually, I find once I mention to someone that I am spinning wool, they will tell me about someone that raises alpacas or sheep or something similar. Just the other day, a lawyer that I deal with told me he has a donkey that needs to be sheared, and he will bring in some of the hair to see if I can use it. The more people that know you are interested in anything, the more suggetions you will get. Quite amazing!