Dream Come True: a LYS opens!

Hello everyone,

So, I live just 25 feet out of Washington DC, but 25 feet in the opposite direction of almost everything booming and fabulous. The housing boom has hit every adjacent county and neighborhood to DC but ours. While we live in an area with great green spaces and big back yards (and affordable houses!), our retail is basically limited to nail salons and the four dollar stores within walking distance to my house.

Sunday was a cold, rainy day. We had just driven 25 minutes to the nearest Petco only to discover that what I needed wasn't there. We drove back down Route 1 to a favorite Mexican dive for chicken mole and pulled up to a red light. On the left was an empty lot; on the right, among boarded up buildings and store front churches announcing revivals, in the lobby of an old bank building...A BRAND NEW YARN STORE - FIVE MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!!!

We stopped. We went in. Unbelievable! The new owners were there; cakes and chips were offered, we got a tour (the Best Beloved on crutches - when he hobbled in, the owner's husband laughed cheerfully and said "Here's a fellow who won't be happy to hear that we were grandfathered in and don't have a ramp!"). They stock everything from dishcloth cotton to high end hand painted yarn.

As it turns out, the area has been zoned for a new arts district. A brew pub has opened across the street; a new yoga studio next door.

Wheels are turning. Maybe it's time to move the pottery studio out of the basement and find a nice storefront near by...hmmmmmmm.

Anyway, how lucky am I? Instead of trudging down to Capitol Hill to the nearest yarn store praying to find parking, I now can hop in my car and zoom zoom, five minutes later, be picking through Noro silk or Debbie Bliss Superwash. I can hand out there on Wednesday evenings and meet local knitters...

Nothing if not content,


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Sounds fantastic! But just to make you feel better about your neighbvorhood - here are are few of the things you mentioned that aren't available in *my* neighborhood without approx a 45 minute drive.

nail salon
dollar store
Mexican (or ANY ethnic cuisine except takeout chinese - for some reason we have three only about 15 minutes away)
brew pub
yarn store

and there is *nothing* within a (reasonable) walking distance. closest store of any kind at all is 2 miles, though there is a very pricey restaurant only a mile and a half.

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congrats on the new neighborhood place - now you have a new place to hang out - :) owning a LYS is challenging - but your being close should help them pay rent :)

(oh - I also love that the nail salon was at the top of Mario's list!) what a hoot! haha :)




Sounds like your "lack of stash" worries are over!


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In what neighborhood do you live - that's 25 feet from DC? Just curious to see if it's near any of the neighborhoods where I used to live -- glad to hear things are moving up.

I think it'd be great if you were able to move your pottery studio. I hope I'm just months from opening the storefront to my painting studio.

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Hi Tom,

I live in "unincorperated Prince George's County." Mailing address is Hyattsville - just a mile and a half from Catholic U.


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I knew the area well - thought haven't been there for about 10 years. Lived in Queens Chapel Apartments for a brief while, in Mt. Rainier and in Riverdale -- but that was back in the early 80's. I'm glad it's becoming a bit more gentryfied ... at least having a LYS. Does The Yarn Shop still exist in College Park?

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I live right down the street from those apts on Queen's Chapel itself. THe Yarn Shop in CP closed about a year ago - this new one seems to be the replacement. Was Franklyns open when you were here, on rt. 1? The LYS is directly across the street from that.


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Hmmm. Opportunities abound. Opening a pottery studio would be a great mix to all that is coming in. Which neighborhood is this???


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Hyattsville-Mt. Ranier-Brentwood area (all right on Route 1). More info on the initiative at http://gateway-cdc.org/Gtwy_Arts_Dist.html


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Congratulations on your neighbourhood being "gentry-fried"! I think that is so cool to have a great yarn shop so close to your home. This will give you the opportunity to support the good stuff! I'm envious!

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