Knitting tips

thought I'd pass this on. The following url is for a German website, under Knitting tips there is a list of pdf pages in both German and English which people may find useful.
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I glanced through the pdf's of knitting tips - looks like some good stuff there, indeed

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I like the men's patterns from Filati (Lana Grossa) but like Lars, haven't made any because I can't source the Lana Grossa knitting wools locally (their gauge is different from anything I can buy here). I have a sample card of their knitting wools and they feel lovely. I have looked at their technical page and learned a number of things from it. During our up-coming NZ "Knitters' Weekend", one of the workshops includes how to do the grafting cast-on and off (also called the Italian method) which I'm keen to learn. I couldn't suss it from the website, however.

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