Sideways: The Vest

Hello Knitter Boys,

Happy Inter-Depedence Day to all of you, wherever you are!

I've attached pictures of the side to side vest that I did while the Best Beloved was healing earlier this year. It's made with Noro wool/silk blend that I found a great deal on, from eBay, and the design is from I'm very, very happy with the pattern - I did have to make some adjustments (I found the V neck in the design too small, so I deepened it), but what a nice surprise to take her ratio system on faith and find, when the vest was all sewn up, that it works so well. in fact, I liked it so much I've actually undone another vest that I made and re-doing it with this pattern!

On a sad note, our 12 year old dog Bailey was diagnosed two weeks ago with cancer in her lungs and abdominal cavity. We will spend our summer tending her and easing her journey to the Other Side. It is not the summer I wanted, but it will be the summer during which I will learn a lot.

Best to all of you from
Jonathan in DC

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I love this, and I especially like the colours. What yarn did you use?

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The vest is lovely!

I'm so sorry to hear about Bailey! I'm sure you will give her much love and comfort during the coming months. *hugs* Paul

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Congratulations on a great vest! I'm working on the Peter Easy vest from Borocco, but I find I get bored quickly and switch to another project.

Sorry to hear about your dog. It's the same news we found out about our dog, a 13-year old beagle, last February. We were convinced by our vet that the tumor on his lung could be removed and he could make a full recovery. Unfortunately, the surgery revealed that it had spread too far and he was gone in less than a month. We regret putting him through a surgical procedure and wish we had just made him comfortable until he was ready to go. We're still not over it, and every now and then something reminds me of him and I get teary-eyed for a few minutes.

Just know that many of us have experienced the same sense of loss and we send you our thoughts and prayers.


Awesome vest. My thoughts and prayers to you and your baby. They give us so much and ask so little.

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Your work is always fantastic. I like to wear vests and am working on one now. I will have to investigate the pattern you used here. I find that if the beginning of the V-neck reductions don't start at the same time as the arm hole reductions, then the neck will be too small. It always looks wrong to start so early but when the banding is knitted in place, it all comes right. I have heard that this type of knitted garment goes out of shape rather quickly so I'll be interested to know how it wears. Thanks for sharing your cool work.

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Hi Jesse,

Thanks! Yes, I've heard, and my experience is, that side to side garments do tend to stretch out. However, Michael DiVecchio suggests that seams add integrity and strength to garments, and this vest is knit flat, with the sides and shoulders sewn up. I have to say that sewing up is my LEAST favorite thing, and I've made a 20 year career of knitting in the round and grafting shoulders (Kitchner stitch) to avoid the dreaded this is something new for me. I won't be wearing it for a while, but I'll let you know how it wears when those crisp cool days show up again here in hot muggy Washington DC.


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