My goodness

Well it has been since September since I posted anything. Wow.

I have been lazy (read as busy) and I had to put the needles down for a bit. But recently I went to camp and was pining for my needles. There were times that I did not have much to do (I was a counselor and sometimes I had a little free time, or the kids were doing something that did not require me, or they were sleeping...) and I was wishing I had brought some yarn and needles with me. But all I could do is think about what to do.

When I got home I started my hunt for the perfect bag again. I am tired of putting stuff in my pockets and my computer bag is just too big and book bag-ish so I have been looking for something else. Still unable to find something that I liked I go the bright ideal to start knitting. Well I am a couple of days into the project ('cause I keep putting it down) and it is coming along very nicely. I will post pictures sometime this week of the progress. It is a "make it up as I go along" project. I didn't like the patterns that I was finding online. They were all too "girly".

It is nice to be back so be nice and say "hi" to a fellow knitter.

Keep Living!


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Welcom back, Al.

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Thanks Tom!