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Chris the Sheep

Has everyone heard about Chris the Sheep yet? Like Shrek from a couple years ago in New Zealand, this wry fella from Australia managed to escape shearing for they say 5-6 years. He has set a new record for wool in 1 shearing. 89 lbs!!!! I love these kind of stories because I imagine the sheep being sneaky and escaping the system, living free, on the run, off the grid. Of course, that is just me personifying Chris, but I love the idea of it! Links to some of the articles:

Men's Golf Slipper

Hi Guys,

I don't mean to invade your space (I am woman), but I am in need of a pattern (preferably knit because I'm first learning to crochet, but if I had to, I'd try crochet). I am looking for a golf slipper pattern and was wondering if anyone has one or knows where I can get one.

Thanks much!

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Introduction and project share

Hey guys! I'm Rex, from central Florida. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My partner and I have been knitting for only 4-5 months, but I already know that it is going to be one of my life long passions. My only regret is that I didn't discover this 2 decades ago. We taught ourselves through YouTube videos and reading knitter's blogs. We have (probably like most newer knitters) been doing cowls, scarves, and wraps to get the fundamentals learned.

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After a year or more of false starts and other varieties of grief, I'm glad to report I was finally able to achieve some long-desired goals for the MWK web site:

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Antler Hat

Antler Hat 1

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Is Email Working?

Hello guys,
I had the same problem that Joe in Wyoming had. I tried sending an email to Ken in Maine and got an error message. Is email not working?



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Lady Sterling

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Question about Bruce Weinstein Henley Sweater

The posting below was made before Ron helped me figure things out. I hadn't read the very last set of instructions in the pattern, so I missed that I need to go back after completing the sweater and pick up stitches at the very first row, do a k1xp1 and then fold under and hem. Silly me. Thanks Ron!

Hi Guys,

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"Messages" down? UPDATE

August 20, 2015--The message about unable to send e-mail is still showing up. However, the green message "Message sent to ..." is there. Is the private message system separate from the e-mail links, or what? Sorry to belabor this but I want to be assured my private messages are going through.