Men With Yarn Calendar?

I know Franklin made a calendar for the past year placing shirtless men with needles and yarn. Does anyone know if there is something similar out there for this year? I haven't gotten a wall calendar yet, and this would be a fun one to get, if it exists.


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I'd actually been thinking about that.

Over on Ravelry in the LSG group they have a NSFW calendar that they do, when the (mostly) girls pose themselves in the most interesting positions with their needles, yarn, and knitwear.

It's actually kinda fun flipping through the pictures on the thread...but something for the guys wouldn't be such a bad idea...

...but then again, the lowest of the low level that I would be thinking (and doing, no doubt) I might feel just a bit less than charitable, but yet VERY evil inside when whatever item gets turned over either for sale or a gift (don't think I could hack giving something for charity made with yarn that has been 'there' and 'there) and I think to myself "Do you KNOW where that yarn has been?"

Let's do this...I'm up for it...


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it grew on the back side of a sheep for gawd's sake!! it doesn't get more eeeeew than that!

i'll put the calendar together if anyone gets serious about it.

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Depends on the sensibilities of the recipient.

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Good one, Jesse!