Christmas Sweater for Mom

Here's my first adult sweater I've ever knit. It's been many years since I began knitting, and I finally decided it was time to start making garments. I have included a photo to show my Mom's reaction when she opened it. What I didn't know at the time was that she hadn't considered that this was a handknit made by me and didn't have the camera ready for another shot of the true reatction.

She really liked it, and my photography skills are lacking: it really looked great on her.

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That's beautiful!! Based on her reaction in the photo, I can't imagine how much more surprised she was when you told her!! It looks amazing on her - fits so perfectly. You did a fantastic job!! I see you did everything in the round and then a yoke for the top? I've never done sweaters any other way although I suppose I should try. Thanks for sharing!!


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I did knit it all in the round. It was designed to be knit as separate front and back pieces, then seamed, which left this very visible seam across the shoulder, all the way down both top and bottom of the arm. A) I didn't want to do all of that seaming, and B) it just didn't looked finished enough for my taste, so I altered the construction, while following the designer's proportions. All it all a success, I believe.

The sleeves were a little longer than I had hoped, but outside of that I was happy.

Bill's picture

You should be VERY proud!
..and obviously your mother loves it!
It looks wonderful on a very lovely lady...

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It looks gorgeous :)

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i totally thought your mom was wearing the sweater in the first image (white sweater). i was a little freaked out by how perfect your stitches were!! they looked almost, oh, mechanical. imagine my relief when i looked at the next two pics and saw that LOVELY hand knit in the round golden sweater. great work!!

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Beautifully done, kudos!

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Wow! It's Beautiful... and that color is wonderful on her. Great job! Thanks for sharing it with us. John

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A beautiful sweater. Wonderful fit and colour. I bet your mom is proud of you.

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You are a true knitter indeed, never never complete a pattern as instructed lol. What a beautiful sweater, your mother will cherish it for ever

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That first photo is priceless! I wish all my gifts got that reaction. The sweater is fantastic and I hope she enjoys it for many years. Great job adapting the wouldn't look as nice seamed up. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.