2010 Has Already Started Out Hectic!

The guys on this list never cease to amaze me...I have been loving getting caught up on all the reading I missed over the last couple of weeks.

Your projects are spectacular, and your generosity in sharing them have been inspiring. Thanks to all.

I finished 2009 with a couple of last-minute Xmas gifts that were very well received.

My mom had asked me if I could make her a heather-gray cardigan, and my sister asked me if I could make a replacement pair of FiberTrends felted clog slippers for her to give to her husband as a gift (I know...that's just not right...but I enjoy making that pattern!).

I finished both just in time for the holiday. Making a fine-gauge women's cardigan (on US2 needles) in a plain stockinette was quite a challenge. Everything had to be quite perfect...any imperfections would have stood out like a sore thumb. But I do like a challenge, so this provided me with one. I don't have a picture of the felted clog slippers (they were pretty ordinary in a dark navy top and charcoal gray sole and bumper).

But here are a couple of pictures of my mom wearing her sweater (in the one, she looks annoyed, but it's not because of the sweater!).

Looking forward to reading about everyone's knitting life over the course of 2010!

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The sweater is gorgeous, but it's just not right to reduce your mother.

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Great sweater! Now...what the hell did you do to irritate your mom?

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lol...such a "teacher" thing to write.

And you'd think just by looking at my screen name, my mom would have a permanent scowl!

Or it could be she didn't like being reduced...she is rather petite to begin with.

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after surgery and holidays, i need to borrow your reducer :)

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This is a beautiful sweater and I love the neckline.

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The sweater is beautiful, Joe. I bet you mom adores it. It is a perfect fit and her colour.

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Very nice knitting, Joe. I have to agree about the simplest looking projects often being the hardest to pull off...any irregularity screams, "Look at me!". -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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You've done a great job on the cardigan and it's a lovely colour. "Simple" patterns can be so time consuming.

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Incredible sweater! And you are certainly your mother's son - you look so much like her.