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Hi Guys!

Just back from a knitting-free weekend in Barcelona (lots of other fun, though) and I'm feeling a bit dispirited about the clogs.  So far I've only managed half of the first one, which seems to have an extra stitch in it somehow, but I'm assuming that I can carry it through and just shrink a bit more when I eventually get round to the felting.  The thought of frogging through all that short row shaping and working out where I am on the pattern is just too much.

Am I the only one who hasn't finished the first clog yet?  Everyone else seems to be doing so well... 

It's back to the normal British summer now (20C = 68F and rain) so I'm hoping to feel a bit more motivated to put some time in.



Hasn't it just - here in London it's gone from 33* for weeks to zitch.  Still no rain though! so not all bad news (or is it?...)

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You are not the only one.  Each day I read about another pair felted, and then look at the first half of my first pair . . . still in progress.  I have time to only knit for short periods, and am learning as I go along.  I'm up to doing the outer sole now.   I have made a few errors along the way .. picked up a stitch or lost a stitch.  I either k2tog/p2tog or M1 to keep the sts count correct.  Only happened a couple of times, though.  I figured it will work out in the wash . . I hope, anyway.  I'm learning to do this at my own pace, and not be intimidated by how fast others are getting theirs done . . or their 2 or 3rd pair, by the time I get my first half done.

So . ..  take your time and have fun with it!!!


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Thanks, Parrot, that's really encouraging - I guess that's what the knitalong is about.  Good luck with the rest of it.

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Hey Stephen, don't despair.  I haven't gotten my first pair done either.  The first clog is all done except sewing up the outer sole and then sewing both soles together.  I also goofed on the colors, switching the upper color for the sole/cuff color; the irony is that the first time I started the clog, I had it right, frogged it due to other mistakes, and presto, wrong color clog.  I'm into the 2nd clog with the right color.  I just decided I'll make 2 pair, but I will have to get more yarn soon AND I'll have to knit a total of 3 clogs to have one pair done.  <SIGH>

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It's only fair.  We got America and we will be glad to give you the extra stitch in compensation.  (hint, hint... ktog somewhere and you will be on!)  Mine are still not done either.   Not much time for knitting the last week.  But chaknow what???  Gonna get those bastards finished.

Best, Chris

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I haven't finished my first clog, yet, either.  I was in the middle of moving.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get at least one done. 

I still have not started, been deflected by the bobbles! nano case almost finished. 

Knit away, knit away

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