Let Your Sole Glo!

I Got Sole and I'm Super Bad!After a little trial and little more error, I was able to get some decent soles on my clogs.

I used rug backing with about 1/2 a bottle of black paint mixed in, and made the templates from heavy duty cardboard - the sort used for book binding. This stuff is a pain in the (wherever) to cut, so i changed my original Dr. Martins type design for one with minimal turns and curves. I cut it with a dremel, and managed to keep all appendages.

Once cut, I gave the templates a few coats of triple thick varnish, to waterproof and make sure nothing sticks to em. This way I could be sure they were reusable. Tried to use low-tack glue to attatch them on the sole, but found binder clamps work better.

Once attached I filled the templates with backing and set them outside to dry. Some areas are a little thick, some are a little thin, it's a work in progress.

The sole on the right looks mushy because I took the template off too soon. I waited till it was fully dry and then cut the one on the left off with an exacto knife. I think it turned out pretty well.

I plan on making another pair with leather sew on outsolesole, and i am hoping that the flat surface will be easier to work with. And I can apply the backing while knitting the clog.

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justin-  rug binder is an awesome idea!  i dont know anything about using it or where to find it but I have been trying to find an adhesive to use to glue birkenstock clog soles to the bottom of these.  Birkenstock beach has them for 15 bucks per pair.if you dont mind, i'd love the source/brand name or some more info.  sweet clogs!

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Rug backing is an "emulsification of latex with water" (from the label - i would just say rubbery goo) for latch hook rugs that actually are used on the floor (not as a pillow or wall hanging).

It is available at Michael's by the latch hook stuff, or you might try hobby lobby/joann if they are closer.

You might try Shoe Goo to attach the birk soles - they sell it for tennis shoes that have become de-soled.

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Justin, those look awesome!!! Great job!!!  I plan to make a pair of clogs as a Christmas present for a friend and I'll need to put somethingon the bottoms so she doesn't slip and fall on hers.  What you've done looks like a lot of work, but WELL worth it!

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Making the template took forever, but I knew I'b be able to reuse them, so I dint mind.

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Now there is a clever idea Justin!  Hey, Daniel wants to know when we can get together again at Phases.  I plan on driving back to Dallas starting Sat. or Sun.  Was thinking the following Monday? 

But really innovative on the anti-skid clog thing!

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 Very Clever, Guy.  What a great idea.  My  thoughts were running more along the lines of some kind of fresh animal hide attached and then left to dry.  A bit Dodgy, but Authentic . . . and isn't THAT what it's all about???

Ok, I made that last part up!

Your idea is much less gaggy anyway, I think.  Good for you!  Cool

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Justin, very well done. I think that this is a great idea. 

One question: When I read that you got the idea from those gloves with rubber dots on them I was expecting something with a smaller repeating pattern -- like the gloves. Do you think that the rug backing would work with a smaller pattern (like dots)?

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I would think so. It would be like the dots on the bottom of slipper socks. I figure that once the sole pattern is cut out, you could take a large drill bit to it and make the holes in a fun pattern. I just didn't know where my drill bits are.

I was also thinking that drops & lines of puff paint might have a similar effect with less work.

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Puff paint -- now that sounds fun -- I wonder if the you would feel bumps through the soles of the clogs? I am going to go find puff paints tomorrow.

 Thanks for the updates