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I find knitting from a chart so much easier that when I run into a pattern that's not charted I want to chart it. Pencil and chart paper is way too tedious but the only program that I've found is $70. - a bit too pricey for being lazy. It really seems like there should be a free down load somewhere for some simple program that can insert slashes and circles onto a grid. Has anyone seen anything like that or at least at a resonable cost?
This is the $70.00 one.


This might not be exactly what you're looking for but I've used this website to successfully create a pattern from an image: . Good luck!

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I think someone from here posted these links earlier. These are charting programs. They have done the trick for me but I haven't had to chart any real complicated patterns. Try them out and let me know what you think.

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A lot of people just use Excel with a truetype knitting font.

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You found the one I listed earlier... try this one out...very cool

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Thanks guys, these are very helpful.

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I think David Xanakis has a free downloadable knitting font that you can use with Exel. I have it somewhere. I'll look for it, and let you know where to find it.

Try this
Queer Joe wrote about in a post of 17 Aug 2009.

Discussion of knitting fonts:

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I ended up using a different free downloaded font...the Knitting Universe one wasn't very useful and used a lot of symbols that weren't very intuitive or standard.

Here's a link to the font I use now: