Oh, The Yaller Rose Of Texas...........

..... the cutest on this earth.
Her right eye looks at Dallas,
Her left one at Fort Worth.
Her pony tails a dandy,
Her hairdo is a prize.
It really comes in handy,
When she's a swishin' flies.

Hey all you smart people out there! I'm looking for a beaded clutch purse pattern to knit for my only niece's graduation. I suppose it will end up in black. Her favorite colors are purple and pink. (she does NOT get that from me!!!) Anyway, black would go with purple and it would serve with almost anything she should wish to wear in the future.

So give me some feedback! And I have never done beaded before so you can slam some wisdom on me at the same time.



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well, if she loves purple...she ought to go to Stephen F. Austin State University!!! My Alma Mater. The colors are Purple Red and White... SFA is in Nacogdoches! It's good to see more texans knitting... I thought it was a rarity out there... I moved to California, but Texas is my Heart!!!

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by the way!!! I read your blog just now! The entry about the "citrus" I have those same fruits in my yard, I actually have about five root stocks of them! They are called......drum roll please!!!! Clementines/Satsumas! They are best to be fertalized in mid April to late May. If you treat them right, you will get a great harvest in October, full of fruits, and aren't sour, like yours ended up being. In October I end up with about 6-8 ten gallon buckets full of them, that is if the birds don't get to the fruits first.

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Here's a simple basic beaded clutch from the Detroit News. You can always embellish any way you want, like instead of the seed stitch use a favorite pattern stitch, add a cable, or additional beads throughout or even change the size. The construction is simple (not that with your experience you would need a simple one) but it's a great jumping off point to let your imagination soar.