Lace knitting and dropped YO's

Cheers gentlemen...
I successfully knitted my first lace project as a Channukah gift (pics attached) and it turned out great... As I am wont to do, I would forget a YO here or there. Backing out to correct the forgotten YO was not a huge deal considering the scarf was only 42 stitches wide.
Now I am working on a sweater that has a lot of lace work (the February Lady Sweater) and is considerably wider given that it is knit from the top down in one piece... If I forget a YO (I know, I know... I really do try to pay attention, but alas, I get distracted...) is there a way to "add" the missed YO on the return row (all purl stitches) without having to back out hundreds of stitches...??
Thanks in advance!

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Scarf looks great; and you are in luck! A forgotten YO spotted as you work the return row is a very simple fix.

You know that little bar between stitches? At the place you need the YO, lift it onto your needle.


you have a yarnover!

Noqw if you forgot the associated decrease as well, things get a bit hairier, and it depends on what the decrease was and where it was position, but yes, those can be fixed on the return row as well.

Afdtger the return row, then you are talking about dropping stitches down and working them back up with a crochet hook, but - many times they can STILL be fixed....


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Thank you MMario! Hopefully I will not have to employ that technique too often, but I am very glad to know that there is a way to correct my error(s)...

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heck, I do it all the time!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Both responses will prove very helpful for you. Especially lifelines. I have afriend who uses them in her sweaters so they aren't just for lace anymore. Nice work on the scarf, BTW. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Yes picking up a stitch from the row below is the quickest way to fix it and no one will notice. I do it all the time myself. A crochet hook will be your friend. the scarf is beautiful. I just made the febuary lady sweater as an xmas gift for my cousin, it went pretty fast and was easy to work on. have fun and Happy Knitting

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Just to add to what everyone said... once you lift up the bar to make a new might be a good idea to wiggle it a little to give it some slack, or even work just a little yarn from the adjacent stitches into the space... just work with it until your new yo is the same size hole as your "real" yarn overs. But that's just if you're as OCD as I am.


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Nice scarf - and yes picking up a YO is supper easy, I tend to have to do it a lot. I'm sorry if you spent much time backing out of the scarf.