Crochet On!

After a meeting today, I was talking with one of our Arkansas ladies that come up often to assist with one of our Colorado departments.

Anyway, we were having a discussion on one of the books that she picked up in the airport. Something about the Ten Commandments on Working or something. Anyway, we were talking about living life and not making our job our life. I said we should all have some hobby that we do or something we are passionate about outside of work.

I mentioned that I crochet and knit. Oh my, was she surprised. She has always wanted to learn that. She wants to make a baby blanket for someone. And another one for some one else.

So, I gave her directions to the Fancy Tiger down on Broadway. She can walk there fairly easy. There should be some stuff there to make a baby blanket out of. I am going to start her off easy. A simple single/double crochet pattern that would look quite snazzy in a blanket. I think she can do this.

This should be interesting! Crochet On!


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It's a beautiful thing to spread the craft.

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Great news, always nice to hear another person has been touched and gotten the bug. I am fortunate to have a neighborhood full of women that want to learn to knit or improve their skill level. Some have never knitted and some know basic knit purl. They decided to form a group and met last week. I was to be the guru but ended up sick and unable to attend. The next meeting is Feb 12th. I have talked to several of them and have decided we will use the Learm To Knit Afghan book as our guide. That will teach them and me new stitches and we will end up with a completed project. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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That's great news! Going from fairly new knitter (and accomplished crochetter) to a craft/art guru. Hope it all goes well and that she enjoys herself. And that you do, too. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.