Swift Obsession Update... Project Status... New goodies in the mail... Knitting needle cases?

So still on the hunt for an affordable, durable, and dare I say "Pretty" swift. My tinker toy setup is working out for the time being... just wish it didn't look like I was having issues with re-living my childhood. So we'll see... I'm really torn between buying an umbrella swift, versus a table top unit... With the umbrella swift it's a work of art, while the table-top swift much less mesmerizing to watch, but I can also use it as a skeiner when I'm spinning, or dyeing yarn. Meh... I'm sure when the time comes... something will call out to me...

Project Updates... Neckwarmer has been delivered- before I got a chance to take a picture... I'm sure I'll make another one sooner or later- one not made out of icky LB Homespun. Mini Mochi Beanie 1 has been finished! Picture below, for my Stepmom - but that's me wearing it awful picture, but it was 1 in the morning... sue me. Pattern Available at straw.com and linked below... I Love Love Love this yarn, self striping great colorways and easy care! (READ: Machine WASHABLE!) Mini Mochi Hat 2 will be casted on tonight... #3 soon after... all the girls in my life have fallen in love with this hat... In other news... I went on a shopping spree on knitpicks.com and Harmony Wood Interchangeable Knitting Needle kit came in - Will post more about it soon - also got one of their sweater kits for dirt cheap - will be my 2nd attempt at a sweater... praying it comes out bettern than my last! A lot of people are surprised I havn't attempted them more often as I've been knitting for years... fear has kept me at bay (my hatred for LB Homespun spawned from my first sweater... and let's just say NEVER AGAIN).

So I'm working on some knitting needle case designs to sell on Etsy, I've got 2 of them cut, pinned, and ready to be sewn along with their tote bag counterparts. Simple roll style designs, but I'm having trouble deciding whether I want to make some geared towards men. How does everyone store their needles? Would you be interested in a fabric knitting needle roll? What kind of patterns would you want the fabric to be, or should I go with mostly solids?

Hat Pattern:


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The hat came out beautifully- the yarn is gorgeous! As for the needle rolls, offer both patterned and solid fabrics and see if one flies better.

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I love that hat and you look way cute in it! Thanks for the link to the pattern. I have some Mini Mochi that I was going to make socks out of but I like this idea better.