My Thursday: The zen of knitting and truck repair

It's now Friday and pissing rain in Portland, so I'm inside knitting on a commissioned piece.

But yesterday, I:
Got up, fed my mare, turned her out and cleaned her stall.
Jacked up the truck and pulled the dead starter.
Got on the bike and shlepped said starter to bus stop where I loaded the bike on the carrier and bused into town,
all the while knitting on a hat.
Arrived at the auto-store and got a new starter.
Got back on the bus, and finished knitting the hat.
Got back to the island, biked myself and new starter home, where I successfully it installed in my truck.
Exercised my mare and put her back in her stall with her dinner.
Watched a DVD of "Sense and Sensibility" while knitting on a commissioned piece.

I love that I can both work on my truck and knit. And let me tell you, knitting has done wonders for creating the patience required to thread one's arms through the suspension and turn inaccessible bolts tiny fractions until the heavy-ass piece falls on your chest... and let me tell you, cutting and rethreading electrical wires is just as nerve racking as cutting steeks. No kidding. As I was loosening the bolts, which required flipping the wrench over, back and forth to move it 1/8 turns, I chanted to myself, "KNIT, PURL, KNIT, PURL". Who knew lessons learned with fiber would be so helpful when working with heavy metal.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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I don't understand cars. If mine won't start I check the tires to see if they have air in them. If they do, then I call a professional. I gave up when my best friend was going to teach me how to change my oil. We got the old stuff drained, he went in the house to get the phone and cracked up laughing when he came back. There I was, rolled up aluminum foil, trying to pour the oil into the dipstick tube. I figured If I was considered that stupid I better just keep the auto repairs for the pros.
Nice that you can chant "knit, purl" with that tedious of a task. I'm afraid I'd have succumbed to non-child-friendly words long before that point.

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My dad broke me of working on my own vehicles when I was a kid and every oil change took four hours. Thank God for the cute mechanics at my Shell station, they don't mind at all if I knit while they change my oil.

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listen mister, it's not like you're not already one of the cutest boys on the block, but now you're mechanically handy, too?

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Those without money (because they keep buying yarn) must learn to do themselves...mind you, I can't replace my transmission, yet....

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I love working on my car... like knitting it was one of those things that I managed to be good at just by following a technical manual/book... I never drew the parallels between the two until reading your post!

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Note to self, move closer to Portland and hang out with darling Bob. If nothing else my girl and I can come and knit with him and play with the horse. Both of us ride and knit, and I can be manly from time to time...okay, so I lied, manly comes in small bursts, many, many years apart. I can fix cars though, so I guess that counts for something. I keep saying that I need to learn to knit faster, this could be how I learn. 1...2...3....Stalking you... I mean...hugs? lol

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Hugs back. Want to help me replace the fuel pump on my 90 dodge ram? I have to drop the gas tank out of it TO DO IT.. Not looking forward TO IT AT ALL!

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Now this is one of my favorite posts, so cute so knowledgable and just downright hilarious .....I just love it ...... my technical abilities are none existant, where heavy equipment is concerned the heaviest I lift are 12 mm addi-turbo's rofl.

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I had a similar story with a fanbelt replacement a few weeks ago! My Mom looked at me as I entered the house post repair and said, "You're such a lesbian!" I thought it was pretty funny! I loved your story. You embody Martha Stewart and Macgyver...COOL!

If some sissy tried to kick my ass I would say, "Hey, Mary, go knit me a sweater before I slap you in the face!”
--Eric Cartman, South Park

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I used to drop the starter and do oil changes on my first car - a Chevy Impala [I still miss that car] but most of the time I refer to professionals. I can so simple repairs but my usual cry is "How I wish for dykes with tool belts to get this done!". Knitting is one thing, but plumbing, car repair etc. is another. Thank goodness for repair professionals - and a niece who is good at those kinds of things. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.