New knitter, about to finish first project, the "Manly Cable Scarf"

Ok so I've only been knitting for a couple of months now, I feel as though I've learned pretty fast, in these months, Ive learned the slip stitch, knit and purl stitches, yarn overs, stockinette stitch, and cables...and much more im sure. When I first started knitting, I was determined to finish something, a scarf or hat, I knew scarves were easy so I went for it, the first one, a turned into a triangle after the first foot, the second, I had just learned the St st and was unaware of the curl, the third, I am still working on but has turned out very well, I only have about 6 more inches to go until the bind-off and am very excited!!! Ill post pictures as soon as it is finished but here is the pattern below.

My version looks almost exactly the same, just different colors. Until then!!! back to work!

UPDATE: Just posted Pictures of the finished project below!! Nevermind the mess in one of them...I'm OCD about everything in life...except my bedroom...don't know why..just the way it is lol.


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Welcome to the magical universes within universes of knitting!

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Welcome and enjoy your knitting. There are so many different fibers and colors, the supply is endless.


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Good job catching on so fast, I can't wait for the finished pictures.

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Trust me, I feel for you. We have all been there when the stitches just 'aint right. But you know? We learn from them and tackle the next hurdle. It honestly is a growing process but the good news is that you are here amongst good honest people who will always help you along. Those who expertise in areas I haven't yet to dive into. Those that can show you a better way when all looks stupid. (and I have done some damn stupid stitches). I'm proud that you have stuck with it and I honestly revel in your accomplishemnt.

Keep it up dude, .... it's worth it!


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Sounds like you're definitely learning fast. It won't be long before hats, mittens, blankets, and socks are flying off the needles! Welcome to the circle- always nice to see new faces =)

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
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*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
~Meryl Streep

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Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support!! I've actually done a hat and a mitten already...Im having problems with gauge, I knit a swatch and I get my stitches per inch (or per 2.5cm since I'm in Germany) and the item still comes out too big (the hat) or too small (the one mitten I've done)...Im going to keep trying....I think I just need to stop being impatient and knit a bigger swatch or something, or it may be the yarn, all the yarn brands in Germany are completely different. Im still trying to find the German equivalent for Worsted weight yarn etc. Worsted and bulky yarn categories don't exist over here, just a diagram of a swatch on the label which tells you how many stitches per 10cm the yarn SHOULD knit up to so this makes it difficult to follow U.S. patterns. I would use German patterns but Im not too familiar with the German knitting vocabulary yet.

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Check the labeling on the yarn; there is an international system now for denoting the weights of yarns- #4 is medium or worsted, #5 is bulky, #3 is doubleknit, #2 is sport, etc.

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Here in Canada we use the method of noting stitches to 10 cm or 4 inches
above 30 I tend to think of lace weight
26 to 32 sock or baby weight
23 to 26 sports weight
22 double knit
20 worsted
18 aran
below 18 becomes chunky mostly around 14 to 16 stitches anything below that ie 8 10 12 etc becomes bulky and super chunky
Having said all that the needle size also comes into play
Hope this helps a bit, it is how I judge my wool.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting Mitch! Sounds as if you're catching on rather quickly. Kudos on the scarf. I can't wait to see the FO!


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