Finished product pictures for "The Manly Cable Scarf"

Ok so here's the pictures as promised of the finished "Manly Cable Scarf" that I made, took a while, but it's finished, measures exactly 6 feet long and should keep my Texas blood warm and safe from the German winter!!!

P.S. Nevermind about the mess in the first picture, I'm really OCD about everything in life, except my bedroom, don't know why, but that's the way it is lol. I like to think of it as "creative chaos." :-)

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Beautifully knit! I love the color- it reads maroon on my monitor. What is the yarn, and what needle size? Is that seed stitch bordering the cable?

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It is indeed Maroon, I got the yarn at a specialty yarn shop here in Hannover called "Wolle Rödel" the category is Siena Big, color number 14209 "weinrot" (translated "Wine Red") is the color name. I used size 10 US needles, the cable is done in stockinette and bordering the cable it's normal garter stitch, the scarf border is slip stitch.

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I really admire anyone who can knit a scarf that long. That's as much knitting as a whole sweater. It is beautiful - both colour and design. Congratulations.

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Nicely done Mitch! I like long scarves too. Looks great and the color suits you well!


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Great job, do love a cable.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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Wait... wait ... wait...!!

Mitch, you mean to tell me you hail from TEXAS! Where abouts? And you poor boy over there in a foreign country..... but, it could be worse... you could be in Oklahoma! (okknitguy... that was for your benifit). Darlin' you must just be starved for some barbeque and sweet tea!

Your scarf turned out very attractive and you are right... the length should keep you cozy this winter.

Keep the needles flying you are doing a great job,


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Hahaha yeah I'm originally from Fort Worth, just graduated from UTA this last spring, I got accepted into a year long congressional fellowship program in Germany so that's what I am doing here. Barbeque and Sweet Tea? I'm actually a Vegetarian and I dont eat anything with added sugar, I just got done losing 50 pounds so I'm on a strict workout and diet program. Hence, I took up knitting, it keeps my mind off stuff I can't have, when I'm craving a bag of chips or if I'm jones'ing for something that I shouldn't have...I knit something! But I got addicted so now im cranking out all sorts of projects, this scarf, I'm also working on a pair of mittens and a stockinette hat with a rolled brim (for my fag hag :-P). I will be in Cologne (the gay mecca of to Berlin) for the next week and there's a specialty yarn boutique there I'm sooo stoked to go to!!! Thanks for all the support, I really appreciate it!

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Nice job!!! You should see my first project - I only purled for my first several years as a knitter which pretty much limited my pattern selection plus I was doing everything backwards, LOL. So, have you been sucked in? Are you now addicted like the rest of us?

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I have been sucked in, its pretty awesome, I get excited about yarn shopping, but since Im in Hannover, there's only two places to buy yarn, a specialty yarn shop with mean old ladies that work there, and the other place is a department store's texile department (which is cheaper and the employees aren't as mean). Just last night I was on YouTube (how I learned knitting, and where I go for help on certain methods/stitches) and learned how to crochet a flower, just for the hell of it!

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Wonderful scarf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lived in Germany for many years, my last posting was Munster Weatfalia, I loved it there. Just take some knitting into the nasty ladies and they will become a little more friendly.....I hope. Keep up the good work, enjoy Koln and keep posting.

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Very nice knitting, Mitch. Keep up the good work...we look forward to more photos. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.