So, I have to ask....

This is a little off topic, but WHAT EXACTLY IS BEACHWEAR NOWADAYS?

Please take a read from this link.... and post your comments there please..... I don't have much time for much shopping anymore!


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It's whatever my sister the 'beach' happens to be wearing!

I know that's not what you wanted to hear. My guess would be wear anything you are comfortable with.

And I'm envious over the Mexico trip!


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But doesn't it take two to tanga?

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You could never go wrong with the board shorts Kenny! 1or 2 inches above the knee (any longer and it will make you look squatty). I'm sure you look fetching in the square cut briefs, but you may give off the vibe of a cake boy trying too hard to fit in with the 20-somethings. As Chris commented, don't forget your confidence! It's sexy and will supersede any attire you're wearing by far.


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I think Mill got it bang on. Board shorts. And they can be worn with a t-shirt or tank top or not. And for your feet, flip-flops (see ) may be fun -- but Tevas ( see,440,447&productID=4134&model=Terra+Fi+3 ) are very practical and cool on the beach and off.

We want a full report on what the decision is. :-)

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From a city that spends half its time in beach wear :),....

Check out Aussie Bums

you can't go wrong!


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Bless you, Paul!

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We have a undies store here that sells these, Underdaks, and other aussie related clothing, my girl hits me when I walk towards it. I came back from Australia with numerous pairs, she hates when I wear them, I tend to show people...

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I'm a swimmer and I wear Speedo type trunks to lap in. I kind of resent people who wear them as some kind of fashion statement or to show off an obviously hod bod. I don't really think about how I look in them because it doesn't matter, they are simply the best thing to swim in. So if you are going to participate in a triathalon while in Puerto Villarta, I recommend the briefs. However, for hanging out pool side I like fast drying gym short cut trunks. Not too short, not too long. These would be great, black is a great color on the beach as well, I know it's counter intuitive but non the less.

Everyone looks good in these and it's easy to pull the loose legs up if you are working on your tan.

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Gosh guys, thank you so much for your comments. All well duly noted and I will come back with a full report..... that probably will say that it wasn't such a big deal after all. :)


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Since you're going to Mexico I would definitely agree with Boardshorts, or even boxer style swim shorts (not actual boxers)... Squarecuts, Speedos, Fitted trunks, and posing suits don't really blend well in North American beaches (my opinion... the cultural landscape and all that, still wouldn't stop me from wearing my little home-made squarecut shorts to the beach, though!)