Headed to Seattle

So it looks like I'll be in Seattle for a few weeks on business. Any LYS that are a must visit? Any suggestions for a fellow knitter?

Any suggestions would be welcome!

Captin Jack, aka Jared

PS...I'm always up for a beer, so suggestions along that line are welcome as well!


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I've been to Seattle a couple of times, but I was not a knitter back then so I don't know where to send you shopping. I bet if you try Google you will find something. I found many unique shops in and around the downtown area. Have fun - Seattle is a great city.


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There's nothing better than a local recommendation but when in doubt .... www.knitmap.com

Have a great trip!

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Hi! My name is Marty. I live in Seattle and I've been a self-taught knitter for about 5 years. We have several nice yarn shops here in Seattle! These are the "fiber" stores, i.e. you won't find any red heart or Lion brand acrylic yarns at any of these places. But if you're looking for that type of yarn I would recommend Pacific Fabrics at Northgate. ~838 Northeast Northgate Way, Seattle~They have a good mix of both. So it depends on what kind of yarn you like to knit with. I prefer the natural wool stores. Here's my personal ranking of the one's I've been to:

1: Acorn St yarn shop a bit north of the University; smaller than the rest, but great selection, a bit more reasonably priced and really friendly welcoming staff. I never felt weird going in there.

2: Weaving Works in the University District; a lot like Acorn St and pretty much in the same neighborhood but bigger and has a lot of spinning wool. I'm not a spinner, but if I were, that's where I would go.

3: The Fiber Gallery in Greenwood; further out of the city north, but nice yarn, good selection and once again, a place I feel comfortable going into.

Here are the places I avoid because either they are overpriced, a bit pretentious and/or made me feel uncomfortable being there:

1: Tricoter in Madison Valley. One of the first yarn shops I went to and did not like. More expensive, a bit pretentious and not a great shop to browse in and I felt uncomfortable being there. Couldn't get out fast enough. Maybe because it's in a pretty rich neighborhood and caters to old ladies with money.

2: So Much Yarn in downtown/belltown. Same as above.

There a couple other places around the area, but I've not been to them.
Hope that helps! Have fun in Seattle! ~ Marty

Seattle Yarn (formerly the Yarn Gallery) in West Seattle at the intersection of California and Juneau is a very friendly store with a large selection of yarn. I moved away about 8 months ago, but at that time it had a larger selection than Acorn or Weaving Works. There's also a good coffee shop across the street called C&P.

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This is next door in Tacoma but well worth the trip. A tiny shop but filled from floor to cieling with great yarn.
Fibers Etc
705 Court C, Tacoma, WA 98402-3734
(253) 572-1859‎